slither feat 8 A Beginner’s Guide

Inspired by the popular snake game Agario, is another addictive game that is doing rounds on the internet and smart phones–the In this game, the player is actually a snake and the sole objective is to make the snake as big and large as possible.

Step By Step Guide To Play the Game:

  • Download the game on your device from the website or the Google play store.
  • Choose a user name and sign in to the game like you do in any other.
  • On a black screen, you will discover yourself as a tiny, colored snake.
  • The basic aim is to gobble up all the colored dots present around in order to become a longer snake. Another thing to keep in mind is to save yourself from other snakes slithering around. Remember that your big size will not save you from any snake around, be it small or big. You can get killed by any of them. They will first turn you into colored dots and then gobble you up.
  • For moving around on the black screen, you can use arrow keys in case you are playing on a computer. However, on your mobile phones, you will need to tap your finger on the screen in the direction you want your snake to move further.

how to hack

Is hack safe to use?

The important thing to keep in mind is to keep your snake safe while hacking The bigger your snake gets, the more vulnerable it is. A good strategy to keep in mind is to keep the head of the snake circled around with its body that would give it safety. Also try and keep to the sides and edges of the game screen instead of its centre to avoid any damage. Since the major action happens there only.

Is your partner ignoring you, then better hack the WhatsApp account

If you think your husband is ignoring you, then make sure that your thinking is correct but is not just the fear you have in your heart for the reason you feel inferior to self. How is that you could confirm that you are thinking correctly. You would have to check the phone calls but there is a chance that he would have deleted all of them with the precaution of not letting you know what he is doing. Similarly, he would have deleted all the messages sent to the mobile number. How about the WhatsApp account, is it possible that you know the mobile number he is using for chatting on WhatsApp account? If yes, then you could be happy as you could easily hack WhatsApp account without having to know any program with the help of which many hackers would write their hacking codes.


You could simply use the software that is already available in the market. If you have a windows environment in which you want to do WhatsApp hack, then you should follow very simple steps that would make your task easy. However, there are certain accounts being managed on a mac system and this is where a little more complication is involved in terms of getting the details of such account created by your partner. Once you have the details of the mac account created on WhatsApp then you could easily continue with the steps that are listed down on the internet for hacking the WhatsApp account. For more information about whatsapp application please visit it’s wikipedia page. You need not have to worry about hacking the account as your partner would hardly know that his account is being hacked provided you are very careful in following the instructions. Once you have the track of messages you could easily confirm whether your thinking is correct or not.

clash royale gems generator

Clash Royale, the great game as Clash of Clans

The Clash Royale is the great game from the best known creators of the Clash of Clans that comes as the real time and multiplayer game which includes the Royale, and some of your choice of Clash characters and some more. You can upgrade and collect the dozens of the cards featuring the troops of Clash royale, the defenses and spells which you know you love the most and including the Baby dragons, knights, princes and some more. You can knock down the enemy princess and king from their Clash towers for defeating your opponents and winning the glory, crowns and trophy in the game arena.

Using clash royale hack for free gems

You can form the clan for sharing cards and also for building your own community of battle as well. Also using of clash royale hack is easy just go for a google search for how to hack clash royale. One can lead to the victory for clash royale family easily. This game is easy and free to download for playing; however some of its gaming items can also be bought online for real money. In case, you don’t want to make use of this feature, you can set a password protection for some purchases in your settings of Google app or play store app.

how to hack clash royale

One must be at least thirteen years of age for playing this exciting game of Clash Royale. The internet connection is also required for playing the game play. Players in this game play, no matter where you stay, fights with each other for winning the trophies. They earn the chests for unlocking the rewards, collect the most powerful cards and even upgrade the existing ones. One chooses to destroy the opponent’s tower for winning the crowns and also for earning the all new crown chests even. You can upgrade or build your whole collection of cards with the family of Clash Royale along with other defenses, spells and troops easily.

Looking Into Other Accounts With Instagram Private Profile Viewer

When you look into Instagram you will find that there are several options that enable you to make your posts public or private. When it’s public, everyone can see your posts and everyone can follow you. With the private Instagram account, you can approve the followers that follow you and only your followers can see what you post. However what if there is a time that you need to open a private Instagram account? What if you got locked out and you need to check what is happening in your Instagram or what if you want to check your partner’s account or one of your family member’s? You don’t need to worry since there is a third party application that can help you out.

instagram private viewer online

Ways that the Instagram private profile viewer can assist you

>If you really need to look into a private Instagram account, then you don’t need to worry because you can access them without needing a password. Just download the program and input the username of the account that you need to open and press the hack button. That’s it and you’re good to go.

>However, if you don’t want to use this option, you can still have other options in Instagram that can help you view other people’s private accounts. One is creating a pseudo account and to follow the private account in hopes of having your account being approved. When your account gets approved you now have access to view the private account. Just make sure that you make an account that looks legitimate enough to be from someone who is an active Instagram user.

It depends on you on how you would want to view private instagram profile. If you’re open to downloading the program then you can do so. That means however that you need to input details and at the same time maybe add some payments. However, if you want to access the accounts through Instagram then you can go with the pseudo account attempt.

You also like to see facebook page of Instagram.

Propagate your brand on instagram professionally like these companies

Instagram besides being a social photo media sharing platform has become an effective medium for big and small companies to increases their consumer outreach. Instagram provides ample tools and utilities for businesses to utilize the platform for media advertising campaigns. One of the most important requisite for even starting with promotions is a big instagram followers base which big retail, tech companies have no problem gathering in a matter of days after they register on instagram. In once recent incident, a popular indian actress was followed by a million people the day she registered on a social media site.

Anyways, big companies have a full bench of employees dedicated to media promotion and today I am going to list a few of them who have wonderfully used instagram for their marketing strategies.

  1. Lorna Jane

How would you promote your brand on Instagram if you were not some large organization but rather solo? Lorna Jane will tell you how?  To give you a more personal introduction, Lorna Jane is a woman aged in her twenties or thirties who values looking good and enjoying an active lifestyle. To some extent, this is what forms her brand’s key target market. This is what her brand tries to bring out in the photos shared on Instagram – the true essence. In other words – the images are full of soul, spirit and heart.

  1. No Your City

This brand tries to focus more on pictures around the city than the people working behind-the-scenes. And the best part is that all the images are captured via the smartphones. If you are thinking that this might limit the technical aspects of photography, then no. The photos aim to focus more on a single subject while playing around with reflections, embracing the negative spaces and even finding all kinds of interesting stuff that are worth taking a shot.

  1. Califia Farms

Califia Farms are known for its natural beverage products and not to forget, its attractive style of packaging. Packaging is a very important part of marketing that can influence customer decisions. This is something that Califia Farms use to promote its products on the social media. Whether it is about making the bottles the main subject or using it in the context of a healthy lifestyle, Instagram is the perfect place that they have recognized for a long time.